SonarQube: QA management tool

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SonarQube (previous called Sonar) is an open source code quality management plat form. SonarQube supports more than 20 programming languages including Java. It internally uses Checkstyle & PMD for code quality; we can add more custom rules as required.


  • Architecture & Design
  • Duplications
  • UnitTests
  • Complexisty
  • Potential Bugs
  • Coding Rules
  • Comments

Getting started

  1. download and unzip sonarQube
  2. start the server
  3. verify in console
  4. open URL as http://localhost:9000

Analyze the code in 2 ways.

  1. Using Sonar Runner
  2. Using Ant script
    • setup Apache ant in your local env
    • setup required env vars like $PATH, $ANT_HOME, $JAVA_HOME
    • download sonar-ant-task-2.1.jar and place it in apache-ant-$ver/lib
    • write an ant script that does the analysis
    • place the above XML in your code base root
    • go to command and navigate to the code base and run ant with above file as input
    • ant -f build.xml




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