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aptitude install inkscape create-resources
[optional] openclipart-svg 也可以直接上 去搜索看小图




make a shadow 做阴影

similar application:

  • make reflected text (005)
  • quick shiny button (003, 007)
  • psyudo shadow in thin edges (101, 009, 008)
  • polaroid effect, pin-up (011)
  • make a file folder (006)
  • post-it (010)

    choose blur in “fill & stroke”, usually choose 2-5 px

    or make a duplicated object and set blue on it

using gredient for glassy effect (017)

and using dynamic offset

make intersection (019)

  • use bezier tool to draw the selection
  • shift select the image
  • **Object/Clip/set **

make a ring (020)

  • draw a circle
  • duplicate the circle
  • Path/dynamic offset to draw the outside circle
  • send it to lower layer (this is important)
  • shift select the oringinal shape
  • Path/Difference to cut out


  • edge union (006)
  • edge detection 边缘提取 Path/Trace Bitmap...


  • pseudo-3d effect (009)

duplicated with scripts

from menu, from there you can have many options to play with (004)

Edit/Clone/Create Tiled Clones


  • checkboard
  • scrap book



double click a text area
alt+arrow keys to adjust space between chars

put text on path (012)

beziel a path
shift a text and a path
menu Path/put on path
# to remove kerning
menu Path/remove manual kerns

put a text on an object (014)

draw a circle
write some text
shift circle and text together
Path/put on path
use rotate and alt-arrow tricks to adjust angles

给文字上加外框 (013)

write some text
F1 to select the text, C-d to duplicate it
object to path
Path/dynamic offset

Perspective Effect (015)

choose an object
change it to a path
define a path (let us call it perspective path)
select object first
shift select perspective path
menu Effects/Modify Path/Perspective
tips: the perspective path must start with the LEFT-BOTTOM part, then clock-wise

Alignment and distributes

Align to objects and to the page (025)


Business card: File/New/Business card



select two objects
Effects/Generate from Paths/Interpolate

Set snap options

  • select File/Document properties…
  • select Snap tab, check “Snap to objects” and “Snap to paths”


quick duplicate (021)

  • select an object
  • hold left mouse button down
  • hit SPACE key to duplicate the object (it is called stamping)

rotate (021)

  • hold shift-ctrol key together, and use mouse to rotate



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