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sudo aptitude install gimp

Common usage

change color image to B&W

  • ‘Image/Mode/Grayscale’, or
  • ‘Colors/Desaturate’

auto adjust colors

  • ‘Colors/Auto [White Balance Normalize Stretch Contrast HSV]’ or
  • ‘Colors/Levels’, click ‘Auto’

Why filters are not available

好多图片刚打开时是在’indexed color mode’, 所以很多效果都不支持. 解决办法很简单, click menu ‘Image/Mode’, choose ‘RGB’.

Find Info About Your Image

  • “Image/image properties”

blur an image

  • make a selection
  • /Filters/Blur/Gaussian blur... at 5px as a start

Bump Map

  • select the background
  • Filters/Map/Bump map
  • in “Bump map”, select text layer

using layer mask

  1. right click background layer, ‘Add layer mask’, choose white background
  2. click text layer, Ctrl-C (Edit/Copy)
  3. click background layer, Ctrl-V (Edit/Past)
  4. Anchor Layer

给图像加一个soft fade 边框


最省事的一种方法, 用人家定制好的

  1. Decor/Fuzzy Border

上述方法产生的是不规则边框, 如果想生成整齐的边框, 则

  1. Select/Shrink 10px
  2. Select/Feather 10px
  3. Select/Invert
  4. Edit/Clear ctrl-K

在Gimp 2.4以后有一种更简便的方法

  1. Select/Border, choose
  2. 根据图片大小选一个边框, 例如80px, 选中”Feather border”
  3. Edit/Clear ctrl-K

如果想做更复杂的效果, 可以用”Quick Mask”方法

  1. make a rectangular selection around the edge of the image.
  2. click “Quick Mask” button on the bottom left corner of the image window
  3. right-click the image, select Filters/Distorts/Waves
  4. Filters/Blur/Gaussian Blur
  5. click “Quick Mask” again to convert mask back to selection
  6. Selection/Invert, then Edit/Fill with BG Color


make a background

  • Filters/Render/Clouds plasma to make a pretty background

place guidelines

  • enable rulers on the top and left,
  • click and drag to generate guide lines
  • use zoom in/out to adjust details

use Guillotine tool


save for web plug-in


How to make an image to sphere/fisheye/circle

我摸索出三种方法, 不过没找到最满意的效果, 先记下来吧.

  1. ‘Filters/Map/Map object…’, 在option里选’sphere’.
  2. ‘Filters/Distorts/Lens distrotion’, 换换’Main/Edge/Zoom’的数值来制造fisheye 效果.
  3. 这个plugin能制作出Amazing circles效果, 不过不是我想要的.
  4. GMIC里有fisheye和sphere效果.


save the plugin to .gimp-2.x/plug-ins

  • G’MIC有很多很漂亮的filter




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