Design Patterns

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Sacred Elements of the Faith

Basice concepts

  • you solve similar problems again and again.
  • for these similar problems, you need to figure out what are difference and what stay the same, then isolate the changes in your code.
  • if all programmers understand this set of common names, communication and conversation are a lot easier.

Creational Patterns


Q: what is singleton?

A: A singleton is a class that can be instantiated only one time in a JVM per class loader. This class has only one instance, and provide a global point of access.

Q: when to use?

A: Use it when only a single instance of an object is required in memory for a single point of access. E.g.

  • Accessing application properties through a single object.
  • Accessing in-memory object cache, or resource pools like sockets, connections. etc.


Factory pattern returns one of the several production subclasses. It makes the system independent of the object creation process.

Abstract Factory

One level of abstraction higher than a factory method pattern, which means it returns the factory classes.



Structural Patterns







Behavioral Patterns


It’s good for one publiser, a list of unknown subscribers to be notified for the update. E.g. when a course information gets modified, students, professors and college adminstration office all need to be alerted for the update.

Observer UML


  • java.util.Observable is a class, not an interface, addObserver/removeObserver/notifyObservers methods are relative static.
  • java.util.Observer is an interface, since update() usually changes for sure.


Command pattern: Command objects encapsulate an action and its parameters

Memento pattern: Provides the ability to restore an object to its previous

state (rollback)

Mediator pattern: Provides a unified interface to a set of interfaces in a


State pattern: A clean way for an object to partially change its type at


Interpreter pattern: Implement a specialized computer language to rapidly

solve a specific set of problems

Chain of responsibility pattern: Command objects are handled or passed on to

other objects by logic-containing processing objects

Template method pattern: Describes the program skeleton of a program

Strategy pattern: Algorithms can be selected on the fly




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