Spring Batch

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What is Spring Batch?

Batch processing requirements:

  • Large data volume
  • Automation
  • Robustness
  • Reliablity
  • Performance

Spring Batch is an open source batch-oriented framework dealing with most common needs of batch applications.

What is it good for? Main features:

  • Spring Framework foundations: reuse dependency injection, AOP
  • batch-oriented processing: good for data reading/writing
  • ready-to-use components: I/O for databases and files
  • Robustness and reliability: able to define skip/retry etc


job execution monitor/restart on failure

Chunk Processing

Spring Batch handles read-write scenarios using ItemReader and ItemWriter. ItemProcessor is used to handle transformation before send it to ItemWriter.


Reading a flat file: FlatFileItemReader (e.g. read CSV file)

DefaultLineMapper: delegates line reading

LineTokenizer to split a line into fields.

fieldSetMapper to transform the split line into a domain object.




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