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What is your view about a team?

Diversity of a team is important. Development teams will often need several application developers. Front-end, middleware, database developers, lucky enough to have a tester, and a build manager.

Various range of experience are important too. New graduates or junior developers can bring a different perspective and apprach to developing an appliction. Architect and seniour developers can mentor and coach team in the delicate process of developing large enterprise-scale applications.

In a face-to-face interview, this is going to be onr of the first hurdels to corss: You need to make the interviewer interested in you.

Phone Interview preparation

  1. Find a quiet place.

  2. Have a pen and paper handy in case you need to make a note during the call.

  3. If possible, use a hand-free kit. It will make the call much clearer for both sides.

  4. If need to have a live-coding exercise, make sure have Internet access.

  5. Collect basic information about the company. Check their “About Us” page on the website. Read their blog. Follow their Twitter account. For small companies or start-ups, find out their CEO and CTO.

  6. At the end of the interview, they will ask you if you have any questions for them. NEVER SAY NO. It will give an impression that you do not care enough about the role. Do not ask about the salary or benefit package. HR will talk about it once you get the offer. Prepare some questions such as the team dynamic, how the team works together, and what the office environment is like.

Live coding session

  • You should expect some very high-level questions, such as language-netreul algorithms

  • May use a shared, collaborative document editor, such as Google Docs, or interview-hosting website e.g.

Technical test or code/digital interview

Whatever you are asked to do, write unit tests. Write them first. It surely will take extra time, but it will show that the code you write is correct and professional pride.

Read the job description. You do not have to know every bullet point inside out. But the more you can show, the better. You must show the willingness to learn and adapt. Make sure you show this ability in the interview process.



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