PyCharm shortcuts to boost your coding performance

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case: jump to definition and come back

When browsing code, you need to jump around code quickly.

  • To go to the definition, press Alt/Cmd + B.
  • To come back, Mac: Alt+Cmd <-; Others: Alt+Ctrl <-.
    • In vim mode, you can also use Ctrl o and Ctrl i to come back and forth.

case: jump to the beginning of a function:

  • Cmd + [: move to the beginning of a function
  • Cmd + ]: move the end of a function

Adjust Font size quickly

  1. In setting ‘Change font size’, enable 'Ctrl/Cmd+MouseWheel'. This is useful when you are in ‘Distract free’ mode to focus on one or two files.


The closest I’ve to this setting is “Window->store current layout as default”. “Edit->Quick Switch Scheme” seems like the sort of place you would define multiple variations.



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